Download hardware files

These files are available "as is" and we can't be responsible for damage caused by using them in any form whatsoever. They can be modified if needed.

Assembled boards may optionally be available for integration.
Please keep and give the original source of these files even when you are using only parts of the schematics / boards.
Ces fichiers sont disponibles "tels quels" et nous ne pouvons être tenus responsables des dommages causés par leur utilisation sous quelque forme que ce soit. Ils peuvent être modifiés si besoin.

Les cartes équipées sont éventuellement disponibles pour être intégrées.
Merci de préserver la source d'origine de ces fichiers, même si vous n'utilisez qu'une partie des schémas / cartes.


Mainboard 3D view

Mainboard 3D view

Mainboard files

Schematic (control): mainboard_SCH_1.pdf
Schematic (analog front): mainboard_SCH_2.pdf
Bill Of Materials: mainboard_BOM.pdf
I/Os maping list: mainboard_I/Os mapping list.pdf
Top copper: mainboard_TOP.pdf
Top silk screen: mainboard_TOP SLK.pdf
Top values: mainboard_TOP VAL.pdf
Bottom copper: mainboard_BOT.pdf
Bottom silk screen: mainboard_BOT SLK.pdf
Bottom values: mainboard_BOT VAL.pdf
Measures: mainboard_MEAS.pdf
Gerber Files package:

Front Panel

Front Panel 3D view

Front Panel real view

Front Panel files

Schematic: front_panel_SCH.pdf
Bill Of Materials: front_panel_BOM.pdf
Top copper: front_panel_TOP.pdf
Top silk screen: front_panel_TOP SLK.pdf
Top values: front_panel_TOP VAL.pdf
Bottom copper: front_panel_BOT.pdf
Bottom silk screen: front_panel_BOT SLK.pdf
Bottom values: front_panel_BOT VAL.pdf
Measures: front_panel_MEAS.pdf
Gerber Files package:

SLD70 Sensor 3 LE (LE = w/o hand height)

SLD70 sensor 3 LE assembled

SLD70 Sensor 3 LE files

Schematic: sld70_sensor_3_LE_SCH.pdf
Bill Of Materials: sld70_sensor_3_LE_BOM.pdf

SLD70 Sensor 3 (with hand height sensing)

SLD70 sensor 3 assembled

Only available as a complete part to protect our height sensing design.

Footswitch adapter

Footswitch adapter 3D

Footswitch adapter

Footswitch adapter files

Schematic: footswitch_adapter_SCH.pdf  

Remote Control 1

Remote Control 3D view

Remote control 1 assembled      Remote control 1 assembled

Remote Control 1 files

Schematic: remote_control_1_SCH.pdf
Bill Of Materials: remote_control_1_BOM.pdf
Top copper: remote_control_1_TOP.pdf
Top silk screen: remote_control_1_TOP SLK.pdf
Top values: remote_control_1_TOP VAL.pdf
Bottom copper: remote_control_1_BOT.pdf
Bottom silk screen: remote_control_1_BOT SLK.pdf
Bottom values: remote_control_1_BOT VAL.pdf
Measures: remote_control_1_MEAS.pdf
Gerber Files package:


BPW21 Sensor 2 (light-pipe closed frame sensor)

BPW21 sensor 2      BPW21 sensor 2 assembled

BPW21 Sensor 2 (light-pipe closed frame sensor) files

Schematic: bpw21_sensor_2_SCH.pdf
Bill Of Materials: bpw21_sensor_2_BOM.pdf

BPW21 Sensor 1 (roof and hand sensor)

BPW21 sensor 1 3D view      BPW21 sensor 1 assembled

BPW21 Sensor 1 (roof and hand sensor) files

Schematic: bpw21_sensor_1_SCH.pdf
Bill Of Materials: bpw21_sensor_1_BOM.pdf
Top copper: bpw21_sensor_1_TOP.pdf
Top silk screen: bpw21_sensor_1_TOP SLK.pdf
Top values: bpw21_sensor_1_TOP VAL.pdf
Bottom copper: bpw21_sensor_1_BOT.pdf
Bottom silk screen: bpw21_sensor_1_BOT SLK.pdf
Bottom values: bpw21_sensor_1_BOT VAL.pdf
Measures: bpw21_sensor_1_MEAS.pdf
Gerber Files package: