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The source code is not open due to some use of our work as commercial products.
To solve this problem you need to first flash a firmware and give us your hardware serial number with your name,
your job and your web site. We will give you the right firmware for your board.
And so, yes, it's fully free for non commercial use.

Firmware and tools

The hardware serial number display firmware and the tools to update are available in the package
Download Laser Harp Firmware
Copyright (C) 2005-2014 HARPE LASER Software Inc.

Firmware releases

4 October 2014
Current release
17 August 2014
  • Added the Control Changes parameters for the height of the hand, up to 3 controls:
    Bc xx vv, values: xx = 00-7F, vv = 00->7F / 7F->00 / 00->40 / .... / 00->40->7F / 7F->40->00.
  • Added the Pitch Bend +/- and the Modulation, one for each beam, for example:
    the beam 1 for Pitch Bend-, the beam 2 for Modulation, the beam 3 for Pitch Bend+ and the others beams for notes.
11 May 2014
  • Added the playback: firstly, send the MIDI notes from host (in using a MIDI player and so on) to the laser harp box and so the laser harp record and check the numbers of beams which are needed.
  • Added the Channel filter in input and output.
  • Added the visual effect trigger on Note ON or Note OFF, the default is Note OFF.
  • The visual effect is now available for each tracks.
6 April 2014
  • Added the bootloader to update easily the firmware.
  • Improved the USB link.
1 Decembre 2014
  • Activated the hand height detection by the foot switches.
  • Improved the MIDI control.
27 October 2013
  • Adjusted the USB protocol.
  • Improved the Graphical User Interface.
20 August 2013
  • Added the MIDI Thru, emits a copy of everything received at the input port (Optional).
  • Added the span a range of the beams frame for each patch.
28 July 2013
  • Added a new opening and closing effect.
  • Added octave +/-.
14 July 2013
  • Added the fourth remote switch.
  • Added a MIDI SysEx MMC Play for the opening and MMC Stop for the closing of the beams frame (Optional).
  • Added a MIDI program change for the opening (Cn 7E) and the closing (Cn 7F) of the beams frame (Optional).
7 July 2013
  • Simulated a vibrating string (optional).
  • Stopped the playlist after the end of the last track and not looped it.
16 June 2013
  • Added the Keyboards that do not have velocity sensitivity.
  • Kept a short delay of color when you put out your hand of the beam (optional).
  • Added the opening and the closing features in playlists.